Mission: begin with words, ends in actions

Arriving to a foreign region, country, or even a continent, comes with a real challenge towards a sensitive part of ourselves. It challenges our identity: a long process in which we learn to like and reject things as behaviors, ideologies, or tastes, massively influenced by the social context in which each of us grew up and live in. Our world vision mutates within, even our ego might be disarmed afterwards; a trip can change our lives forever. Of course, trying to adjust or comprehend these particular dynamics is not that easy. However, it could be otherwise than a problem. In an encounter that involves different people, weathers, foods and even hygienic practices, my mission is to show you the beauty in it.

I have been a passionate writer and musician for years, but also I am a Social Anthropology student, from Costa Rica. I believe all those lessons and methods shall not be restricted to futile paperwork exclusive for an academy; I decided to employ what I learned inside and outside the classroom to take more effective actions. Making these travel reviews, literature and posts about topics that I have researched about, are intimately related to two major concerns of mine about our society nowadays.

We are overwhelmed by advertisements and ideals that promote this information era as the time when the world is more connected than ever. Within a faster communication abroad, the workflow demands a faster human pace and availability. Nevertheless, we aren’t told to see ourselves as a world society. We also aren’t told that our bodies can reach a boundary of stress, or that some bodies aren’t done for that production rhythm.

If we want our whole world truly connected, a comprehension of the point of view of our distant peers is a start. The basic act of understand them can unfold a great mutual treat. In the learning of these other points of view, you may even recall an idea that you agree much with, although is the opposite of what people close to you may think. We realize that we can find contrasts right next to us and similarities in unknown places places so far away. In the differences can be such a huge beauty, recognizing ourselves as a world community.

I’ve been able to review a lot of articles and news reporting a higher rate of psychological disorders and diseases in the past decade. Depressions, anxiety disorders, and even suicides are increasing everywhere. This increase, I think, is related to the pressure of being more productive than what our body can really sustain. Relieving the stress cause by this has become a public health concern more than ever. The opening of recreational areas and activities are one of the alternatives promoted. The possibility of traveling, and changing the routine for at least a couple of days, may have vast benefits in our mood and mental health.

Interested in helping people face their problems looking to adjust to the modern tendencies, I am looking forward to offer this writings and projects in the search for alternatives and, hopefully, to adjust those tendencies for a healthy social environment. Traveling can change our lives forever, can bring us together, can heal us further. A trip for your health, a muse for their health; tripping and musing we caress ourselves.



Fabricio “fauh” Jiménez


Founder & CEO

Born in San José, Costa Rica in 1992. I’ ve been writting essays and different types of literature since I was 15 years old in high school. With experience on field analysis and investigation, regarding my studies on anthropology, I have worked with different types of population and places. This approach has helped me to have an understanding of an specific context having in mind different points of view of it, the living experiences of the ones that face that situation everyday, and the symbolic meaning of an specific circumstance. Added to this, I have been employed in areas as back-offices, tour guidance, customer service, and even as a Spanish teacher. My contribution may be addressed as a guidance for a comprehension of a location’s dynamics, as a consultant for some conflicts afecting an specific population, or even some personal reviews about services, situations, news, activities and artistic works. I may trip inside any concern or matter, within a deep research by different means, in order to muse and provide the most effective results doing what I love the most: writting.

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