Trip N Muse: Knowing and employing

“We are overwhelmed by advertisements and ideals that promote this information era as the time when the world is more connected than ever. Within a faster communication abroad, the workflow demands a faster human pace and availability. Nevertheless, we aren’t told to see ourselves as a world society. We also aren’t told that our bodies can reach a boundary of stress, or that some bodies aren’t done for that production rhythm.

If we want our whole world truly connected, a comprehension of the point of view of our distant peers is a start. The basic act of understand them can unfold a great mutual treat. In the learning of these other points of view, you may even recall an idea that you agree much with, although is the opposite of what people close to you may think. We realize that we can find contrasts right next to us and similarities in unknown places places so far away. In the differences can be such a huge beauty, recognizing ourselves a world community.”

Fauh Jiménez – Trip N Muse CEO



One of the main purposes of the trip’s reviews is to ensure that the journey may leave something else than just memories in the traveler’s life. A person’s life might not be the same after visiting and staying on a foreign location. Personally, it always have an influence in my world vision and provide me with more than some enjoyed time lapse. Some notes with metaphoric mean are featured.  However, some others notes will be concerning to what affects ourselves as a world community and some alternative proposals to those problems.  Also, the importance of recreation, as a public health matter and an alternative to treat diseases and disorders linked to an overwhelming and satured modern pace, will be featured.

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A review of visits done to popular touristic attractions and others unknown across Costa Rica, based on my proper experience as native and tourist. They are done considering important facts and recommendations about transportation, rooms, foods, and different types of activities. Besides, they feature a description of the location’s personality and dynamics, so that the reader has a broader approach to it’s culture and mood. All this within the purpose of clarifying and simplifying the traveling logistics, and providing an essential approach to the place’s characteristics. Some of these reviews are featured at Travelicious.

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Viaje Y reflexión

Writings in Spanish, for readers that aren’t that avid yet in the English language. Some translated reviews are featured in here, but also some different type of writings from actual concern topics and personal reflections. Is like a “Muses at work” but in Spanish.

Escritos en el idioma español. Algunas reseñas traducidas para aquellos que tengan dificultad en manejarse en el idioma inglés, como también tocando otros temas diversos de realidad actual y reflexión personal. Amo también escribir en mi idioma nativo.

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